Timeline of Project as of 5th May 2012

The linguistic communities to be studied are summarised in the following table. Further details of the languages and communities concerned can be found by following the links into the relevant Ethnolgue pages.
Project month Activity Deliverable
May Project start, set up of project website Plan with actual dates, and people assigned to the work; the website
June Vitality analysis of Byangsi Report on vitality of Byangsi
July Vitality analysis of RanaTharu Report on vitality of RanaTharu
August Vitality analysis of Lapcha Report on vitality of Lapcha
September Statistical analysis of data from language vitality analyses, extra data gathering as necessary. Report ready for workshop
October Workshop with regional experts. Workshop notes
Final studies arising out of workshop.
November Final Report preparation and publishing. Final Report

The Research Team

The team will be led by Professor Yogendra Prasad Yadava, of the Central Department of Linguistics at Tribhuvan University, with Professor Pat Hall advising on language technology. One research assistant will be recruited to do the detailed study of the three languages and six communities, to work at the LTK premises at PatanDhoka, and travel on field studies as necessary.
After the completion of the studies of the six languages, a seminar will be held with experts from within India and Nepal, and from outside. In particular we will invite Professor AnvitaAbbi from JNU in Delhi, and Professor Udaya Narayan Singh from VishwaBharati in West Bengal.